A Lasting Grudge

A Lasting Grudge

“A Lasting Grudge” is a movie about artist Rene Keneally’s pursuit of vengeance from his most cruel critic, Jackson Cody.

Production title: “A Lasting Grudge”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: “A Lasting Grudge” is about Rene Keneally’s pursuit of vengeance from his most cruel critic, Jackson Cody. Hurt people hurt people.

Every artist wants publicity, no artist wants written attacks against their loved ones.

“It’s a pity his family hadn’t died together, maybe we wouldn’t then be subjected to such consistently abusive work. Society does not deserve such assaults,” wrote Jackson Cody in his review of Rene’s last album.

This prompted the seething artist’s refusal to settle for anything apart from physical revenge, tracking and traveling to find his critic remotely based in Bali, Indonesia.

Logline: Artists are generally expected to endure critiquing, but on occasion, critics step out of line. When pushed by words printed that shouldn’t have been, an artist decides to teach his scrutinizer a lesson.

Tagline: The pen is mightier than the sword, until someone rears a sword.

We are all driven and motivated by a wide variety of motivations. Sometimes, revenge is that force. Rene Kneally lived in his own artistic bubble. Reviews weren’t bothersome when they highlighted issues with him or his work, those were within the acceptable realms of criticism. But his family? No. Those lines were always clear for reasonable people. But critics whose only qualifications were journalism school, and little more, had no right to comment firstly on his artistic efforts, and more importantly, they had no right nor cause to take aim at his family.

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In “A Lasting Grudge,” we are drawn into the intricate world of Rene Kneally, a passionate artist whose commitment to his craft is matched only by the intensity of his grudge. The story’s exploration of revenge as a motivating force invites us to scrutinize the blurred boundaries between criticism and personal attacks in the world of art. With deft storytelling, this narrative navigates the tumultuous terrain of creative integrity and the consequences of crossing a devoted artist’s line.

The central theme of the story revolves around the role of critics and their impact on artists’ lives. Rene Kneally, our enigmatic protagonist, resides within an artistic bubble where reviews of his work are considered fair game, even when they highlight flaws or imperfections. Such critique, he believes, falls within the acceptable boundaries of artistic discourse. However, the sanctity of his family remains off-limits, a line clearly drawn in the sand. This dichotomy between the professional and the personal illuminates the heart of Rene’s motivations and the gravity of his grudge.

Rene’s unwavering commitment to his art sets the stage for his vengeful journey. His dedication is portrayed as a noble pursuit of creative perfection, a passion that fuels his existence. This deep-seated artistic fervor becomes the driving force behind his actions, blurring the lines between right and wrong, reason and obsession.

The story also delves into the question of qualifications and legitimacy in the realm of art criticism. Rene’s disdain for critics whose only credentials are journalism school highlights the contentious debate surrounding the authority of critics in evaluating artistic expression. This element invites readers to ponder the role of education and experience in shaping one’s ability to critique art effectively.

As we navigate Rene’s journey, we witness the evolution of his grudge from a mere simmering resentment into a full-fledged vendetta. The gradual escalation of his actions underscores the corrosive power of vengeance and its capacity to consume even the most rational minds. The story raises the question of whether Rene’s actions are justified or a descent into madness driven by artistic fervor and personal vendetta.

“A Lasting Grudge” holds a mirror to the artistic world’s complex interplay of ego, passion, and external judgment. It prompts us to reflect on the fine line between constructive criticism and personal attacks, inviting us to question the ethical boundaries that should govern the relationship between artists and their critics. It also invites contemplation on the consequences of obsession and the enduring impact of a grudge.

The film is a gripping and insightful exploration of the multifaceted motivations that drive individuals, with revenge as a powerful central force. Through Rene it sheds light on the volatile relationship between artists and their critics, challenging us to reevaluate the boundaries of artistic expression and the consequences of crossing them.