Act Your Age

Act Your Age

“Act Your Age” is a film based in Toronto, Ontario, about Vittorio Angelo, an 84 year old man trying to adjust into society after being released from prison.

Production title: “Act Your Age”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: “Act Your Age” revolves around Vittorio Angelo, an 84-year-old man who has spent most of his life in jail.

He finds himself alone in a world that has moved on without him. On the day of his release there’s nobody waiting. He didn’t expect anyone, but had hoped. He soon struggles to adjust to life outside.

Vittorio realizes that the world has changed too much and has but two options; go back to the so-called comfortable life he had in jail or find some way to navigate this new world.

“Act Your Age” explores the challenges Vittorio faces as he tries to reintegrate into society. The world has become unfamiliar and he has trouble finding a place for himself. Vittorio also takes to pre-prison vices to cope with the difficulties of this new life. However, having not consumed alcohol in many years, he quickly becomes drunk and needs to season himself again, like he’s training.

Logline: An 84-year-old man navigates life outside prison after spending most of it incarcerated.

Tagline: He survived prison, but can he survive the world outside?

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The Little Italy Vittorio knew before going inside changed a lot when he was released in the mid 2000s.

Toronto’s Little Italy neighborhood shifted its demographics drastically. As rents and property values increased, many of the Italian-Canadian families who had lived in the area for generations were forced to move out. Little Italy became more diverse as young professionals and new immigrants moved in.

As the demographics shifted, so too did the businesses in the neighborhood. Traditional Italian restaurants and shops were joined by new restaurants and cafes with a variety of cuisines, including Mexican, Vietnamese, and Ethiopian. These businesses helped to make Little Italy a more dynamic and diverse neighborhood.

Another change was the addition of new public spaces in the neighborhood. In 2008, the City of Toronto opened a new park, named after Joe Piccininni, a prominent Italian-Canadian community leader. The park features a playground, a water fountain, and public art, and has become a popular gathering spot for families and neighbors.

Additionally, the neighborhood saw several new developments and renovations, including the opening of a new condominium complex at College and Crawford streets, and the renovation of the historic Royal Cinema on College Street.

Despite these changes, Little Italy remains a vibrant and important cultural center for the Italian-Canadian community in Toronto. The neighborhood still hosts several cultural events and festivals, including the annual Taste of Little Italy festival and the St. Clare’s Church Fiesta, which celebrates the patron saint of Italy. Overall, the changes over the 2000s have helped to make Little Italy a more diverse and dynamic neighborhood, while still preserving its cultural heritage.

“Act Your Age” unfolds against the vibrant backdrop of Toronto, Ontario, immersing viewers in the compelling story of Vittorio Angelo, an 84-year-old man striving to reintegrate into society after a life marked by incarceration. This film captivates its audience with its exploration of second chances, the complexities of aging, and the indomitable spirit of a man determined to rewrite the final chapters of his life.

At the heart of “Act Your Age” lies the theme of redemption. Vittorio Angelo’s journey is one of atonement and self-discovery, a testament to the enduring human capacity for change and growth. As an elderly man trying to find his place in a world that has moved on without him, Vittorio’s struggles and triumphs are both universal and deeply personal.

The film invites us to ponder the significance of age as a social construct. Vittorio’s attempts to “act his age” in a society that often marginalizes and underestimates its senior citizens challenge conventional expectations. His story raises questions about the boundaries of age and the potential for renewal, reminding us that life’s most transformative moments can occur at any stage.

The Toronto setting serves as a dynamic backdrop, providing a rich and diverse context for Vittorio’s journey. The city’s bustling streets and multicultural tapestry mirror the complexity of his reintegration into society. As Vittorio navigates the city’s challenges and embraces its opportunities, viewers are treated to a visual and emotional feast that resonates with the rhythm of urban life.

“Act Your Age” is a poignant exploration of the human experience, aging, and the pursuit of purpose. Vittorio Angelo’s character is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and his story reminds us that it’s never too late to chase one’s dreams or seek redemption. In a world that often dismisses its elderly, this film challenges us to reevaluate our perceptions and celebrate the enduring power of the human soul.

“Act Your Age” showcases the beauty of second chances, the complexity of aging, and the triumph of the human spirit. Against the backdrop of Toronto’s vibrant landscape, this film delivers a powerful and heartfelt message.