Associated Problems

Associated Problems

Set in Toulouse, France in 1992, “Associated Problems” is a film about Frank Dover’s failing restaurant. Once thriving, the economy and changing seasons have forced it to take a hit.

One night three men perceive it as a bustling eatery, despite the situation being far from its normal customer flow, and plot to take what the owner can easily spare.

Production title: “Associated Problems”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: “Associated Problems” revolves around Frank Dover’s restaurant, struggling to stay afloat through the changing seasons in Toulouse, France.

The restaurant used to flourish year round but those days have now gone due to the locals enduring financial hardship.

One night, a trio that had dined at its peak plot to kidnap the owners’ children for ransom money. The kidnappers are unaware of the establishment’s almost bankrupt status and assume it will be a simple, straightforward swap. It can’t be.

Logline: A restaurant owner, down on his luck, faces an extortion plot by former diners assuming he has more money at his fingertips than he actually does.

Tagline: Today’s performance doesn’t equal tomorrow’s or yesterday’s.

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