The Broken English Blog is clearly the portion of the Broken English Films website that contains additional information in a blog format.

Now we can’t be the only ones alive that loathe the word “blog,” but as with all business entities, we’re forced to use that term. Ideally we’d prefer to call this area “more Broken English updates,” but somehow search engines might prefer the specificity of the wonderful term “blog.”

Without further ado, here are the “Broken English Blog” posts. How was that for a dull introduction?


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Tips for Auteurs

Everyone wants the credit, but not everyone wants to put in the work. That’s a matter of fact. Who wouldn’t want to do nothing and receive everything; praise, reverence, adoration… The auteur wouldn’t. An Auteur is a term which views a type of filmmaker as the author of the picture due to his level of hands on involvement. It’s common …

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Tips For Actors Submitting Online

Alright actors, this one’s for you. The top tips for actors submitting online. You’ve now mustered up the guts to ignore your agent, or you’re working with them and you’ve decided you’re going to submit yourself online. This is a great decision, forward thinking, you’ve now got the motivation, drive and ambition to get somewhere in this minefield of an …

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Why Pay For Movies?

After being at Broken English Films since it’s inception, I’ve noticed one clear transition in the world of consumer film watching; people don’t buy films like they used to. It’s far from an unusual statement when someone quips to me, “Why pay for movies?” Or, “Why pay for music?” When you can easily torrent it or download it from some …

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Do Movies Really Cost That Much?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Do movies really cost that much?” Please raise your right hand and slap yourself in the face. Yes, yes they fucking do. Many a time I’ve heard and read inflated budgets, one source will say a film cost $27 million to shoot another will say that same film cost $70 million. Regardless of what they inflate …

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Getting Funding For Indie Films

In today’s Internet goldmine, getting funding for indie films is easy. I mean, now that crowdsourcing websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Seed & Spark exist, getting the right budget for your independent film, show, or web series won’t be a challenge right? Wrong. Absolute tripe. Those websites provide you with a point of sale, a sales terminal. It’s like opening …

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Treating Film like a business

Why do so many films fail? What does failing in film even mean? In short the reason that so many independent films fail is because the line between art and commerce isn’t fully understood by the group of people creating it. Now many have argued that marrying art and sales is a concept nearly impossible to achieve, but I beg …

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Launching A Film Company in 2015

We must be mad. Truly. What’s more risky than launching a film company in 2015? A brand new print newspaper maybe? A cord connected home phone brand? In my reckoning, jumping into the abyss of content that’s available nowadays on every device is the ridiculous risk that we should have taken when the company was first conjured up in 2007. …

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We Regret Nothing

A simple breakdown of the documentary production, “We Regret Nothing” that revolves around the Hammet cult killings

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Birdman Oscars 2015 will be a sweep

If Birdman fails to sweep the 2015 Oscars in both nominations and awards, then that’s it Hollywood, it looks like we’re done. You no longer want to use me to your full ability if you don’t want to recognize something that deserves it’s due. Finally, a perfect marriage in which art, the exploration of the art and technical excellence converge …

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