The Broken English Blog is clearly the portion of the Broken English Films website that contains additional information in a blog format.

Now we can’t be the only ones alive that loathe the word “blog,” but as with all business entities, we’re forced to use that term. Ideally we’d prefer to call this area “more Broken English updates,” but somehow search engines might prefer the specificity of the wonderful term “blog.”

Without further ado, here are the “Broken English Blog” posts. How was that for a dull introduction?

Ruptured: A Successful Tragedy

“Ruptured” is a TV series revolving around Mireille Sereda, a 25 year old old sociopath living in Montreal, Quebec that wants society to regress to its innovative origins.

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You can also reach us via Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

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We Regret Nothing

A simple breakdown of the documentary production, “We Regret Nothing” that revolves around the Hammet cult killings

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The saga begins

Broken English Films is officially underway after many years of writing and planning. Our first project will be “We Regret Nothing,” a mockumentary that revolves around the dark and disturbing tale of the Hammet cult. Lead by Edgar Hammet, the group are deluded into believing they have a real connection to vampires and the vampire mythology that has become part …

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Off License web series

Part of a ring of an underground organization including illegal alcohol delivery misfits, Richmond Fell, an introverted gamer has had yet another awful work-night.

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