The Broken English Blog is clearly the portion of the Broken English Films website that contains additional information in a blog format.

Now we can’t be the only ones alive that loathe the word “blog,” but as with all business entities, we’re forced to use that term. Ideally we’d prefer to call this area “more Broken English updates,” but somehow search engines might prefer the specificity of the wonderful term “blog.”

Without further ado, here are the “Broken English Blog” posts. How was that for a dull introduction?

For more up to date streams of consciousness entries from us, check out the Broken English Podcast which is basically a downloadable audio blog. You know how those things work. I hope.

The Eternal Sleep

An eccentric neuroscientist tries to find out whether we can stay alive in our dreams if we die in our sleep.

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No Reprieve

A social media addicted Armenian mother on holiday in London goes to the airport with her son to pick up her husband. Aware of this, a crime syndicate take note of her arrival and are waiting.

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They Sold Nightmares

Rival nightmare peddlers in Reno, Nevada cross paths when their business ventures intersect.

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The Best Laid Plans

Knowing a couple’s routine, a scorned ex sends two less than law abiding friends to burgle their home. Except one member of the couple is still there.

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“Ruptured” is a TV series revolving around Mireille Sereda, a 25 year old old sociopath living in Montreal, Quebec that wants society to regress to its innovative origins.

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We Regret Nothing

A simple breakdown of the documentary production, “We Regret Nothing” that revolves around the Hammet cult killings

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Off License web series

Part of a ring of an underground organization including illegal alcohol delivery misfits, Richmond Fell, an introverted gamer has had yet another awful work-night.

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