Broken English Films Collective

Broken English Films Collective

The Broken English Films collective are trying to further mobile filmmaking through collaboration from a distance. Nowadays, with modern phones, distance means a lot less when considering creating.

Do you identify as…

…Or a set decorator, concept artist or anything along those lines in film.

If so the Broken English Films collective are looking to collaborate on our online content to help aspiring artists get into their respective fields, further and faster, without climbing the ladder for twenty years.

There’s literally never been a better time in history for mobile filmmakers and mobile filmmaking content. Cell phones are now capable of 8K resolutions in their image, and that’s at this time of writing (if we don’t update the page that will have likely changed.

Apps like Filmic Pro and Filmic Remote on both Android and iOS have radically changed filming capabilities and we’d like to collaborate with you utilizing that.

Contact Broken English Films Collective below or on Twitter @befcollective for more information.

Broken English Films Collective

Join the BEF Collective

We’re currently looking for innovative, recently released smartphone-owning filmmakers, actors, aspiring screenwriters, cinematographers, directors and auteurs.

Due to the world being what it currently is, we’re having to find workarounds to continue doing what we’d like to move forwards in film. As a result, we’ve got a great number of ideas in mind that require people. Extremely creative people at that.

If in any way this speaks to you please touch base with us and explain why. Let’s connect and work towards our goals together. Please note, this collaboration is not restricted by geographical location or language, just by your own motivation and drive.

You can even join us via Facebook if you’d prefer under the Broken English Films Collective group.

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    Establishing a mobile filmmaking collective shouldn’t be very hard to do, but self-motivation isn’t for everyone. You’re likely part of the more enlightened troop, so come and join our innovative mobile filmmaking division; BEF Collective.