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Broken English Productions? What’s in a name?

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Broken English Productions? Are you serious? We just discovered that another group are trying to launch a production company with the name Broken English, a name that we’ve had since 2008. Last we checked, unfortunately, it’s 2020. Times may have changed in a lot of ways in the world, but I’m fairly certain that intellectual property and brand recognition haven’t all that much in North America. Maybe I’m wrong. We certainly don’t believe so.

It seems this other company are also unaware that we’ve been operating in French countries under the name “Les films d’Anglais Approximatif” and in Spanish countries under “Películas de Inglés Quebrado.” Not too hard to do your research.

Hugo and Bola discuss the notion the fact that they discovered the brand is being misappropriated by a company calling themselves “Broken English Productions,” as well as COVID-19’s impact on the film industry and two recent hit documentaries, “The Last Dance” and “Filthy Rich.”

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Back to the podcast. Essentially Hugo and Bola are expressing their disappointment and frustration in our already established brand being taken by another company and how if they had taken the time to check whether the company existed, another name could have been selected.

We’ve officially had this brand since 2008, put out books, film productions and theatre. Broken English is a brand which we have taken pride in building and it’s unthinkable to have someone swoop in and try to mount their own company allowing for confusion with ours.