Castigation film


Castigation” is a film about a deranged religious man in Cheyenne, Wyoming, that believes he’s doing God’s work through his heinous acts.

Production title: “Castigation”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: Religion can teach you a lot, but certain books shouldn’t be left open to interpretation and their doctrines shouldn’t be broad enough for the reader to choose.

To the outside world, Baraka Commos is a mild-mannered man, contentedly labouring in the deli department of a local supermarket. But behind the veneer of his humble existence Baraka is a man of secrets, running a lucrative underground business trading in the state’s most exotic and elusive delicacy – the fabled Jackalope meat.

Baraka and Genna are devout people of faith, guided by their unshakable belief in God’s laws. But when their righteous fury is unleashed they become a force to be reckoned with. They take it upon themselves to punish those who defy their strict moral code, meting out brutal retribution.

After their first attempt at a wedding day ends in disaster, Baraka and Genna are thrilled to meet their new planner and her colleagues. But as the big day approaches, tensions rise and allegiances are tested. When the wedding planner and her team fail to meet Baraka and Genna’s exacting standards, the couple make a fateful decision – one that will have dire consequences for all involved.

Logline: A supermarket worker takes religion into his own hands and performs rituals that make sense only to him and his betrothed.

Tagline: Your choices don’t always make the cut.

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