Comes Through As Unknown

Comes Through As Unknown

“Comes Through As Unknown” is a film which could easily be described as the Spinal Tap of rap. If you’ve never heard of “This Is Spinal Tap,” firstly, shame on you, secondly, click here.

Status: Pre-Production

Production title: “Comes Through As Unknown”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Comedy

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: The film follows the journey of a fictional rap group named “The Mic Dropz,” as they attempt to make it big in the competitive world of hip-hop. Led by their charismatic frontman, MC Fresh, the group is comprised of three talented but often clueless musicians who are convinced they have what it takes to become rap legends.

As they tour the country and perform at various venues, the group’s antics and mishaps are recorded by a documentary film crew, who captures their every move, from their outlandish costumes to their backstage antics.

As touring progresses it becomes increasingly clear that the group is more focused on partying and having fun than on their music. They engage in wild behaviour, from trashing hotel rooms to indulging in drugs and alcohol, much to the dismay of their long-suffering manager and crew.

In spite of themselves, the group’s popularity continues to grow, with fans and critics alike drawn to their outrageous personalities and infectious beats. However, as tensions rise between the band members and their manager, the group begins to unravel, leading to a final performance that will determine their fate in the rap world.

Logline: Ageing rappers try to make themselves relevant by collaborating.

Tagline: They came, they saw, they dropped the beat…and everything else.

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