Deformed Fate

Deformed Fate

“Deformed Fate” is a film about a traveling motivational speaker that becomes homeless and is imprisoned, wrongly accused of murder.

Status: Pre-Production

Production title: “Deformed Fate”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: Alexei, a traveling motivational speaker in Russia, falls upon hard times after years of financial troubles and finds himself homeless. During this difficult period, he ends up in the wrong place and is falsely accused of murder and sent to jail.

In the harsh and abusive environment, he faces physical and emotional torment as he struggles to prove his innocence. With no support from the system or anyone outside, he turns to writing his life story as a means of survival.

After years of imprisonment, an unlikely ally comes forward with new evidence that clears Alexei’s name. Just as he’s about to walk free, he’s given an offer to sell the rights to his book, the very thing that kept him going in the darkest of times. With freedom and a new start on the line, Alexei must decide if he’s willing to trade his story for a chance at a better life.

As he navigates the legal system and the publishing world, Alexei must confront the harsh realities of the society that put him in this situation, and the true price of his own redemption.

Logline: A homeless man accused of murder, fights to clear his name in a corrupt Russian legal system and finds hope in the power of his own story.

Tagline: This wasn’t the plan.

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