Eventually The Plan Changes

Eventually The Plan Changes

Set in Berlin, Germany, “Eventually The Plan Changes” is a film about a musician lied to about his paternal connection to a child. In proving this he briefly abducts the child, a choice not met well by the child’s mother or the authorities.

Production title: “Eventually The Plan Changes”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: Musician Blake “Boots” Carrol becomes a wanted man after kidnapping his son to find out the truth – is this boy biologically his?

Following a short lived relationship between Boots and his promiscuous friends with benefits drug dealer, Kate Kennedy, he is informed the child belonged to him.

Despite love at first grasp, Boots’ felt overwhelmed by a nagging insecurity about the boy that drew him to go against his mother’s will and have him tested behind her back.

The boy’s mother’s pursuit of her son included alerting the authorities. Upon Boots’ safe return of Kate’s son, she refused to drop the charges, regardless of the DNA proof that she lied to him. Fearing the consequences, Boots has no choice but to flee.

Logline: A musician proves he has been lied to about his paternal connection to his child in a manner not met well by the child’s mother, or the authorities.

Tagline: Finding the truth has consequences.

Eventually The Plan Changes

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