Hands In The Air

Hands In The Air

Starting from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, “Hands In The Air” is a film about a group of women heading on a trip to celebrate retirement.

While lining up to check in for their flight they’re irrevocably distracted by a wealthy male passenger boasting about the money he’s carrying. This piques the attention of one of the women who’s drowning in debt.

Production title: “Hands In The Air”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: As childhood friends, Carlotta, Queen, Esmé, and Debra had always been inseparable but as years go on obligations change. They agree to reunite to celebrate Queen’s retirement wit a group vacation.

However, their reunion takes a sinister turn when Debra reveals her debt issues and after an extremely rude interaction determines a wealthy man in the check-in queue for their flight is a simple target for an airborne heist.

With alcohol in their systems from pre-drinking, the women agree it could be an easy task, and they hatch a plan to do so once their flight takes off. But as they put their plan into action, they soon realize things aren’t going to be as simple as they thought.

Logline: Four childhood friends reunite for a vacation but end up hatching a plan to rob a wealthy man in the check-in queue once their flight takes off.

Tagline: You valuables are worth less than what’s carrying them. You.

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