I'll Change

I’ll Change

“I’ll Change” is a film revolving around Romeo Karla who wakes up to an empty bed and empty home after assaulting his wife, Izabela, the night before. She proved to him she had finally had enough.

Production title: “I’ll Change”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: Romeo Karla is a charming two-faced man who has been known to get into trouble. Outwardly he’s deeply in love with his wife, Izabela Karla, but his abusive behavior has caused her to almost leave him on several occasions. Each time, Romeo promises that he will change, and Izabela reluctantly takes him back.

After yet another night of violence, Izabela finally decides that enough is enough. In the early hours of the morning, she packs her bags and leaves without any notice. Romeo wakes up to find that she’s gone, and is devastated.

Desperate to win Izabela back, Romeo begins to examine his behavior. He delves deeper into his past and the root causes of his abusive tendencies.

Logline: After being assaulted by her husband, Izabela Karla leaves without a word forcing her husband, Romeo, to address his actions.

Tagline: You aren’t your words, you’re your actions.

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“I’ll Change” plunges us into the turbulent and emotionally charged world of Romeo Karla, a man who awakens to a stark and haunting reality – an empty bed and an empty home – after a night of unforgivable violence toward his wife, Izabela. This gripping and insightful story confronts the harrowing consequences of domestic abuse and presents an unflinching exploration of one man’s journey towards redemption and self-discovery.

The story begins with a scene of domestic brutality, shedding light on the dark underbelly of Romeo and Izabela’s relationship. Romeo’s shocking act of violence serves as a catalyst for Izabela, finally forcing her to confront the gravity of her husband’s actions and her own worth as an individual. Her decision to leave without a word represents a powerful turning point in the narrative, setting the stage for the profound transformation that lies ahead.

“I’ll Change” is a story of reckoning and self-accountability. Romeo’s realization of the irreversible damage he has caused forces him to confront the depths of his actions and the pain he has inflicted on the person he claims to love. This journey of self-discovery becomes a gripping exploration of the human capacity for change, challenging the narrative’s characters and its audience to reevaluate preconceived notions of forgiveness and growth.

The story’s title, “I’ll Change,” carries a heavy burden of promise and potential redemption. Romeo’s pledge to change becomes a central theme, serving as both a beacon of hope and a reminder of the weight of his past transgressions. His quest to atone for his actions and rebuild his life underscores the transformative power of self-awareness and the unyielding human spirit.

“I’ll Change” is a narrative that demands introspection from its readers, compelling them to confront uncomfortable truths about the prevalence of domestic violence and the lasting scars it leaves on individuals and families. It serves as a stark reminder that change, though difficult, is not impossible and that the path to redemption is often fraught with profound challenges.