Later On That Life

Later On That Life

“Later On That Life” is a film about a woman first discovering love in her mid 30s and abruptly losing it.

Production title: “Later On That Life”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Romantic Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: Gica Zaccaii is a passionate and dedicated capoeira instructor in the bustling city of Miami. She has always been focused on her career and developing her skills, leaving little time for anything else – especially love. But that all changes when she develops a relationship with Eugene Calvo, a charming and handsome man who sweeps her off her feet.

Their relationship quickly becomes intense and passionate, with Gica feeling a kind of love she never knew existed. Eugene encourages her to open up and explore new parts of herself, and Gica falls deeper and deeper in love.

However, due to Eugene’s experience and introspection, he realizes that his feelings for Gica aren’t the same as hers for him and while everything appears perfect to her, Eugene abruptly ends the relationship, devastating Gica.

Logline: A driven Miami capoeira instructor falls deeply in love for the first time in her mid 30s.

Tagline: Love is a dance, but sometimes the rhythm changes.

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Later On That Life