Launching A Film Company in 2015

Launching A Film Company in 2015

We must be mad. Truly. What’s more risky than launching a film company in 2015? A brand new print newspaper maybe? A cord connected home phone brand? In my reckoning, jumping into the abyss of content that’s available nowadays on every device is the ridiculous risk that we should have taken when the company was first conjured up in 2007. But life got in the way of it’s founder, and so did distractions, so it took longer. The smart choice would be to get into computer programming, but smart isn’t necessarily the right approach.

In the first quarter of 2015, Broken English Films will produce its first feature under the company name with Hugo Lunny having written, directed and produced the picture. If it’s a success, many more projects that have been written over the past 12 years will see themselves being available on all your convenient screens, and at some point, hopefully they’ll be available in theatres.

The production company’s 2015 debut will be “We Regret Nothing,” a dark mockumentary that’s sure to leave people curious about Edgar Hammet and his cult. It’ll be readily available online, of course linked to through this website too.

As for whether I’ll be used or not, it depends on the project’s budget. Digital recordings are the cheap whore of footage, I class myself more so as the high class prostitute that doesn’t turn a trick for less than top dollar.

Stay tuned to Broken English Films, there’s lots to come. I’m confident in saying that.