Love For Sale

Love For Sale

“Love For Sale” is a Sydney, Australia based film about an organization that sell performance love. No, not a sexual enhancement, instead an actor pretends to love their client in order to feel the experience of being romantically treasured.

Production title: “Love For Sale”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Romantic Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: “Love For Sale” is a romantic drama set in a world where a service has emerged, offering the perfect solution to those who want the experience of love without the complications of dating. For a fee, people can hire actors to pretend to be their partners, creating a custom-tailored experience that meets their exact desires.

As the clients become more involved in the service, they develop real feelings for one of the actors. However, their newfound love is complicated by the fact that they’re just doing their job.

The clients wrestle with their emotions, and the actors have their own personal issues and reasons for joining the service. The line between reality and acting becomes blurred.

Logline: Actors pretend they’re in love with people for those that don’t want to court or date or have problems with maintaining and honouring a relationship but want the experience of feeling loved.

Tagline: Can love be bought?

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