The movie Memories Come

Memories Come

“Memories Come” is a film based in Montevideo, Uruguay, about the city’s residents’ trying to cope with a sudden attack that erases their memories forcing them to compete with their confusion, unable to fully comprehend what they’ve lost.

The Memories Come film about memory loss in Montevideo

Production title: “Memories Come”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Science Fiction

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: A devastating bomb goes off in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, wiping out the memories of the entire city’s population. People awaken with no recollection of their past, their loved ones, or even their own identities. As confusion and chaos ensue, a group of strangers band together to try and piece their shattered memories and figure out what happened.

As they start to explore the fragments after the explosion, they realize that the bomb was a deliberate act of sabotage. With no leads and no suspects, they begin a desperate search for answers, all the while struggling to remember even the most basic details of their lives.

They uncover a sinister plot involving a shadowy organization and a powerful new technology to control the minds of an entire population, but with their memories still hazy and their identities uncertain, it’s a feat to overcome what they’ve lost.

Logline: After a bomb erases their memories, a group of strangers in Montevideo must band together to uncover a sinister plot before a shadowy organization gains control of their minds.

Tagline: What are we without our memories?

Memories Come memory loss in Montevideo

Memories Come

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The movie Memories Come