Nice Little Crisis

Nice Little Crisis

Set in Houston, Texas, in 1997, “Nice Little Crisis” is a film about the consequences of a family using reality television to expose personal truths.

Production title: “Nice Little Crisis”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: At the height of the daytime television secret revealing hosted shows, Dermot Lilley’s show stands out. It’s notorious for messy relationship reveals and secrets being unveiled to the world. The cult following draws a huge audience from the salacious-craving early afternoon crowd.

Janetta Gosch, a huge fan of the Dermot Lilley show, for some strange reason feels that revealing her affair with her daughter’s husband is best declared during a live taping. Her daughter, Kaylee, proves she feels that her mother’s choice wasn’t the best way of handling the matter.

Logline: A reality talk-show fan decides to reveal her affair with her daughter’s husband during a live show taping.

Tagline: Why confess to the world simultaneously with the victim?

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Nice Little Crisis

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