No Reprieve

No Reprieve

The Broken English Films Production “No Reprieve” is a dark drama based in London in 2017.

Behnaz Aslanyan headed to the airport with her son to pick up her husband. Unbeknownst to her, several men were waiting to abduct them, planning to use her son as bait to force her into becoming their product.

Production title: “No Reprieve”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: A young social media addicted Armenian mother on holiday in London goes to the airport with her son to pick up her husband. Aware of this, a crime syndicate take note of her arrival and are waiting to use her for their own gain, transporting her from one place to another and forcing her to perform acts she refuses to.

Behnaz Aslanyan is a woman that frequently adds recent photos of herself to her public profiles and often discloses her location, keeping everyone aware. Although the story itself doesn’t delve into the nuances of privacy settings, it does highlight the dangers of the internet and rampant status updates.

As a result, an organized syndicate track and kidnap her. When her husband arrives, uncharacteristically, his wife and son are nowhere to be found. His worry grows as he begins searching for them.

The only witness to their last location is Royce Mirzay, an Iranian London cabbie. As soon as he discovers the mother and son duo that he trusted and had ran out on the airport fare are actually missing, he tries to connect the dots to help find them.

Logline: A tourist has her child abducted to force her into the sex trade.

Tagline: The world doesn’t need to know where you are at any given moment, until it does.

The screenplay is available for purchase online at Amazon.

No Reprieve Broken English Films production