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A month has passed, or a year, or many more and you’ve yet to get your film career underway or you’ve stalled for some reason. With the amount of time in this life, this isn’t good. Your solution? Grab some already existing material, like music producers do when sampling to create beats, and make something from what you’ve got clearance for (they often don’t bother with clearance, so that example has it’s flaws).

Purchasing a book from Broken English Books, will enable you to get on with things. You not only receive reading material to take you out of your current world, but you also receive the opportunity to create and continue your artistic journey, or start one. It’s the perfect solution for writers suffering from writer’s block or aspiring cinematographers, actors and directors who don’t want to concentrate on writing; they want to concentrate on filming.

The material here will enable you either as an artist, or as a student to go further than what other books and purchased screenplays will in that you can use them to develop, cast, produce and shoot a short film, web series or feature. Of course you’re not forced to do anything with the books apart from read them at your pleasure… Not even that actually. You can just purchase it and leave it alone. It’s your money, who are we to tell you what to do?

If you do create something from these writings, all we ask is that you credit the writer and the source material to “Broken English Films.” We won’t limit any creative choices you make through direction, look, casting or any other alterations you make in collaboration with the original source material. Your boundaries do not exist, these books can either act as fully fledged screenplays to draw from or extremely loose blueprints.

Should you read one of these screenplays and wish to commission the writer for a particular project, please contact us directly at

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