Broken English Productions

Broken English Productions

Here is a list (with links) of Broken English Films productions:

Dream Sequence short films

“Dream Sequence” delves into the confusion of our everyday lives and what truths lurk behind our misconceptions.

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Castigation is a film about religion, cannibalism, and jackalopes, detailing one man’s attempt to cleanse the world by selling sinners’ meat.

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The Strangers of Santiago

The Strangers of Santiago is about a building manager desperate to escape her job during a gang war.

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The Lies People Tell

A trusted Calgary funeral home and crematorium deceitfully double their revenue by selling their cadavers to the black market.

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The Eternal Sleep

An eccentric neuroscientist tries to discover whether we can stay alive in our dreams if we die in our sleep.

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No Reprieve

A social media addicted Armenian mother on holiday in London goes to the airport with her son to pick up her husband. Aware of this, a crime syndicate takes note of her arrival and are waiting.

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They Sold Nightmares

Rival nightmare peddlers in Reno, Nevada are forced to confront one another when their business ventures intersect.

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The Best Laid Plans

Knowing a couple’s routine, a scorned ex sends two less than law abiding friends to burgle their home. Except one member of the couple is still there.

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“Ruptured” is a TV series revolving around Mireille Sereda, a 25 year old old sociopath living in Montreal, Quebec that wants society to regress to its innovative origins.

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We Regret Nothing

A simple breakdown of the documentary production, “We Regret Nothing” that revolves around the Hammet cult killings

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Broken English Film Productions in action

One of the worst questions you can ask a writer is the question you want the answer to, the same applies to an independent film production company.

“What type of screenplays/books/music do you make?”

Unless of course you’re very much restricted in what you are interested in discussing, covering and exploring.

Genre constraints don’t always couple well with art or entertainment as the fields themselves have pride in being unrestricted. Broken English productions fall under that defense. We have no one genre we stick to, nor style. Instead we deliver the world an assortment of quality projects to entertain and/or promote conversation.

Many of our screenplays are also available online for purchase through Broken English Books and most major eBook retailers.

Broken English Films productions

While we aren’t yet using able to have our movie productions clock in with budgets in the multiple millions, here at Broken English we pride ourselves on having our content engaging and with depth.

Our stories aren’t always digestible for every palate but they will keep you thinking and entertained.

They’re also shot carefully as opposed to a lot of the typical Hollywood models. We don’t have a standardized version of angles. “Wide, medium, close, close, cover, inserts, move on!” Instead our pictures are storyboarded, carefully planned and then filmed. Time is utilized, not wasted. That’s one of the reasons why our films stand out as they do.