Genre constraints don’t always couple well with art or entertainment as the fields themselves have pride in being unrestricted. Broken English productions fall under that defense. We have no one genre we stick to, nor style. Instead we intend to deliver the world an assortment of quality projects to entertain and or provoke thought.

The worst question you can ask a writer is the question you want the answer to, the same applies to an independent film production company.

What is that question you wish to ask a writer or musician? “What type or which type of screenplays/books/music do you create?”

Broken English Productions

Here is a list (with links) of Broken English Films productions:

Ruptured: A Successful Tragedy

“Ruptured” is a TV series revolving around Mireille Sereda, a 25 year old old sociopath living in Montreal, Quebec that wants society to regress to its innovative origins.

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We Regret Nothing

A simple breakdown of the documentary production, “We Regret Nothing” that revolves around the Hammet cult killings

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Off License web series

Part of a ring of an underground organization including illegal alcohol delivery misfits, Richmond Fell, an introverted gamer has had yet another awful work-night.

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