The Devil's Secretary

The Devil’s Secretary

“The Devil’s Secretary” is a collection of six short films dealing with the devil’s assistant before seeing the man in charge.

Production title: “The Devil’s Secretary”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Dark comedy / Horror

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: In hell, the only thing worse than the torture is the wait. In this anthology of horror shorts, six strangers find themselves trapped in a waiting room unable to leave or escape their fate.

As they wait to be called to their appointment with hell, they share their stories of how they ended up there. Each tale is more chilling than the last, as they confront their darkest fears and face the consequences of their actions.

From a man haunted by his past to a woman who made a deal with the devil in advance, the stories reveal the gruesome and terrifying experiences of those who have been damned.

Logline: Six strangers find themselves trapped in a waiting room. As they wait for their turn to face judgment and enter the gates of hell they share their stories of sin and regret.

Tagline: “You can go through to hell now.”

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