Ruptured” takes place in Montréal in 2013.

Obsessed with the advances made by ancient Egyptian civilization, Mireille Sereda, a 25 year old sociopathic barista, has detested society since before puberty. Never fitting in with the public or her family, she resents those around her and concluded that our civilization isn’t smart enough to continue as is.

By teaching herself computer programming she finds a way to exploit the system and in turn devises a plan to turn modern life into what it once was… A world where people actually needed to retain information; pre-electricity, pre-convenient technology and before the internet’s domination.

Following communications around the darker areas of the internet, Mireille concocts a way to inspire terrorist cells to aid in her plans to acquire and launch EMP’s.

Status: Pre-Production

Production title: “Ruptured”

Writer: Hugo Lunny

Director: TBD

Genre: Apocalyptic science future

Format: Episodic TV series

Logline: An alienated barista attempts to manipulate global terrorism with the aim of crippling technology and power grids, regressing modern society.

Tagline: Some people worry about their material ending up in the wrong hands, for others that’s their intention.