Ruptured: The Accomplished Mistake


Ruptured” takes place in Montréal in 2013.

Obsessed with the advances made by ancient Egyptian civilization, Mireille Sereda, a 25 year old sociopathic barista, has detested society since before puberty. Never fitting in with the public or her family, she resents those around her and concluded that our civilization isn’t smart enough to continue as is.

By teaching herself computer programming she finds a way to exploit the system and in turn devises a plan to turn modern life into what it once was… A world where people actually needed to retain information; pre-electricity, pre-convenient technology and before the internet’s domination.

Following communications around the darker areas of the internet, Mireille concocts a way to inspire terrorist cells to aid in her plans to acquire and launch EMPs.

Production title: “Ruptured”

Writer: Hugo Lunny

Director: TBD

Genre: Apocalyptic science future

Format: Episodic TV series

Logline: An alienated barista attempts to manipulate global terrorism with the aim of crippling technology and power grids, regressing modern society.

Tagline: Some people worry about their material ending up in the wrong hands, for others that’s their intention.

A little backstory that the show won’t inform you of…

Private meetings don’t circulate press releases. Obviously. Private meetings are set out to disclose and discuss matters that need attention, but not limelight. It’s a pity that not every private meeting is worth the time taken to attend.

This particular meeting, however, was one that definitely warranted attention and action. The Canadian government did neither.

In 2004 a mixture of forty of Canada’s revered experts and politicians gathered in a remote location a few hours north of Ottawa. Their topic of discussion was the future threat of EMPs (Electro Magnetic Pulses) and H-EMPs (High-Altitude Electro Magnetic Pulses).

A guest speaker that had recently held talks after heading an astoundingly comprehensive investigation made his way north following speaking in the United States and the United Kingdom. The purpose of his trip was to highlight this threat in the wake of former terrorist atrocities and help reduce the potential damages of this crippling weapon if by some unlikely instance such one were obtained and launched.

After going through the typical security checks; personal bag searches after walking through metal detectors, the attendees gathered in a sound proof exhibition hall. The room had been previously swept for recording devices several times and all attendees were forced to turn off any devices capable of recording.

Within minutes of the last man entering the room, the speaker walked in. Standing just above five and a half feet, the stereotypical scientist looked as one would expect; late fifties, greying, thick spectacles and on the thinner side of the weight spectrum. Clearly his life’s purpose was reserved for this research.

Gathering a few pages in front of a podium, he connected his laptop to the pre-fitted projector. In an also stereotypically nasal voice, the scientist began his speech.

“Hello everybody, thank you for coming. My name is Andrew Bridge, which I’m sure you’ve been informed of already. I’d like to get right into this.”

Presenting different detailed slides, maps and graphs, Bridge highlighted the potential risks if any enemy obtained this sort of weapon in connection to society’s current infrastructures and how it was essential for there to be more time and planning allocated to tackling these vulnerabilities.

He warned of how with relative ease, if these devices were obtained and detonated at a high enough altitude, entire continents would potentially be electronically wiped out with telecommunications crippled, disabling nearly everything.

The audience listened to Bridge’s speech, occasionally whispering criticisms to one another. The overwhelming response wasn’t positive, but politely they listened on.

Above all else he attempted to make clear that he was not scaremongering. “You’re right, this isn’t something simple to construct and launch. But our enemies, both the advanced and amateurs, aren’t going anywhere. Think where we would be left if these weapons succeeded. The rippling effects would be catastrophic. Populations would be massively reduced, and restoration would take months if not years. If they even were restored.”

Upon leaving the room, one politician quipped to another, “Yeah, bullshit waste of an hour.” But politicians, as we all know by now are often wrong.

“Ruptured” picks up the story a decade later at a point where information is easier to circulate and the wrong hands seem likely to grasp what they shouldn’t.

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