The Beast of the Moors. The Wulver

The Beast of the Moors

The Broken English Films production, “The Beast of the Moors,” revolves around a town’s fear of a nocturnal creature lurking in the Shetland Archipelago.

The Beast of the Moors

Production title: “The Beast of the Moors”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Mythological drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: In the mystical Shetland Isles, an ostracized man known as “The Beast Of The Moors” dwells. He lives living a solitary existence, sleeping away in his knowe during the day and fishing in the lakes at night.

A group of young men return from a violent local conflict and reunite with a childhood friend of theirs, Effie Helmsen. They ask her to join them for drinks at the local alehouse and their power hungry, barely-adult minds descend into the gutter quickly.

Inebriated, one of the men decides their bond with her is greater than that of siblings and they try to force themselves upon her in the nearby woods.

Effie desperately flees but doesn’t know the terrain in which she’s running. She is soon caught by one of her attackers until the “beast” interjects.

She develops a relationship with the alleged beast but knows she has to leave him. Effie tries to adapt back into society, leaving her experience in the woods behind her and attempting to process her trauma.

Her attackers don’t welcome her return and the risk her presence carries.

The Beast of the Moors movie

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