The Charm of Hope

Set in the 1700s, “The Charm of Hope,” is a film about Andrew Swallow, a seasoned pirate that like many others has realized the so-called profession isn’t as appealing as it seemed.

After many years at sea he plans to have his first mate, Toussaint Yorkge, take over imminently if all goes according to plan. It doesn’t.

The Charm of Hope movie

Production title: “The Charm of Hope”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: Andrew Swallow and his crew the Innocent Vultures have carved a fearsome reputation sailing the seas, looting, pillaging, and indulging in all manner of pirate mischief. Their name strikes dread into the hearts of island dwellers, who understand all too well the dire consequences of defiance.

Having amassed and squandered more wealth than he could ever need, Swallow comes to realize his true desire: a quiet life with his long-time partner, Marie Le Bon. He strikes a deal with his first mate, Toussaint, to hand over the reins in a few weeks, planning to step away from piracy forever.

Fate has other plans. Marie falls victim to a life-altering curse, shattering Swallow’s dreams. Devastated, he knows that without her, life holds no meaning.

Determined to save her, Swallow and his the Innocent Vultures embark on a perilous quest to break the curse. Yet, the question looms: if curses exist, can they truly be undone?

Logline: A pirate driven by a deep-seated desire for retirement takes his crew on a perilous journey in an attempt to break his beloved free of a curse.

Tagline: A bleak pirate love story contending with curses.

The Charm of Hope film

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