The Day Apart

The Day Apart

Set in Fargo, North Dakota, “The Day Apart” is a film about a couple that decide to spend time away from one another after a huge argument, however the outcome isn’t the calming period of contemplation it should be.

Production title: “The Day Apart”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: “The Day Apart” follows the story of Colm Lenihan, who is deeply in love with his girlfriend, Texas Stoschek. They spend most of their time together and are rarely apart. One day, a major argument forces the co-dependent couple to be absent from one another to clear their heads.

Colm spirals into a deep depression and begins to have thoughts of suicide. As the day progresses he becomes increasingly consumed by his negative emotions and feels as though he has lost all hope.

Despite the efforts of his friends and family to reach out and offer support, Colm cannot shake the feeling his life is not worth living without Texas. He reaches out to her in a desperate attempt to reconnect, but she refuses to answer his calls or messages.

Logline: After a day apart from his girlfriend, a young man’s despair turns to tragedy, leaving his loved ones grappling with difficult questions.

Tagline: When hope fades love isn’t enough.

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