The Eternal Sleep movie

The Eternal Sleep

The Eternal Sleep is a film which focuses on the idea of what oneirology (lucid dreaming) could actually mean. Neuroscientist Dr. Jacquelyn Walsh believes that the key to understanding life and eternity lies within our dreams and the subconscious world created by them. The Eternal Sleep revolves around her manipulative efforts to discover whether her theory does in fact have merit.

Production title: “The Eternal Sleep”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: We all wonder what happens after the final closing of our eyelids. Dr. Jacquelyn Walsh, a neuroscientist with a curious mind, is no exception. But unlike most people who believe in an afterlife, Jacquelyn has a different theory. She believes that death is not a passage into another realm but a continuation, a life that we visit on a nightly basis through our dreams. To her, dreams are eternal life, and the mind is the gateway to our souls and heaven.

Despite the skepticism and ridicule from her peers in the scientific community, Jacquelyn is determined to prove her theory. She has spent years evaluating sleep at the institute her grandfather founded, expanding the research as she goes. Now, she believes she has a firm grasp on her hypothesis and is eager to find like-minded individuals to help her test and explore the depths of her theory.

The story takes place in the bustling city of New York in 2010, a time when science and technology were rapidly advancing, but the mysteries of the mind and soul remained just as elusive.

The Eternal Sleep delves into the questions of life after death and the moral choices we make about our own lives, exploring the boundaries of science and spirituality. With Jacquelyn at the helm, the journey promises to be an unforgettable one, one that may even blur the lines between what we know and what we believe.

Logline: In an attempt to unravel the enigmatic nature of human consciousness, a neuroscientist embarks on a journey to investigate the possibility of continuing life after death in the realm of dreams.

Tagline: If you die in your sleep do you continue living in your dreams?

The Eternal Sleep

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