The Last Thing I Said

The Last Thing I Said

“The Last Thing I Said” is a film about a disturbed ex-military officer named Saule Jordan who holds an extreme prejudice towards a group and attempts to initiate a war.

Production title: “The Last Thing I Said”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Thriller/Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: “The Last Thing I Said” is a thriller that follows the story of Saule Jordan, an ex-military officer who has developed a deep-seated hatred towards a particular group of people. His anger and resentment stem from a traumatic event that occurred during his service, and he has convinced himself that this group is responsible for all of his problems.

Determined to take revenge, Saule begins to recruit like-minded individuals, which involves initiating a war between their group and the one he despises. As Saule’s plans become more elaborate and dangerous, his family and friends become increasingly worried about his mental state and the consequences.

Tensions rise and violence erupts. Saule is forced to confront the true cost of his hatred and the damage it has caused to those around him. “The Last Thing I Said” explores the destructive power of prejudice and the dangerous outcomes of allowing hate to drive us.

Logline: A traumatized ex-military officer, consumed by his hatred for a certain group, recruits others to his cause and aims to start a war.

Tagline: It doesn’t take much to scapegoat.

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