The Mirror

The Mirror

“The Mirror” is a film about a narcissist that travels across the United States acting like a literal sperm donor. He takes advantage of the women he comes across, usually intoxicated at a club, and moves on the next morning.

Production title: “The Mirror”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: The Mirror is a psychological drama that follows the journey of a narcissistic man named Adam as he travels across the United States, exploiting the women he meets along the way. With his good looks, smooth-talking nature, and manipulative personality, Adam is skilled at seducing and making women believe he’s the one they have been waiting for.

Despite knowing he will be leaving the next morning and never returning, Adam continues to charm and lie to the women he encounters, manipulating them for his own selfish desires. Along the way, he meets several women, each with their own unique story and personality.

As Adam continues to manipulate and deceive he starts to realize that his actions have real consequences. He is forced to confront the demons of his past and the damage he has caused.

Logline: A narcissist travels across the US, taking advantage of the women he comes across, lying to them, knowing he’ll be leaving the next morning.

Tagline: Be weary.

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