The Moment Has Passed film

The Moment Has Passed

“The Moment Has Passed” was the original name for the movie, “The Moment Has Gone.” Pretty similar sounding, aren’t they? As you would assume, the premise is the same. The tale explores Cy Perrottet’s journey towards forgiveness or acceptance of the murder of his young wife.

Production title: “The Moment Has Passed”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: With their relationship on the verge of ending, Naomi Stevens leaves her apartment and her husband’s company to go on a run and burn off steam. It’s then that she collides with Ludvik Abijah under irreversible circumstances.

He too has had a selection of recent problems to contend with and decides after one too many drinks he’s fit to drive. He’s wrong.

After Ludvik serves his sentence, he agrees to a request made by Cy to meet up. “The Moment Has Gone” shows their meeting.

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The Moment Has Passed