The Wrong Division

The Wrong Division

“The Wrong Division” is a film about a group of men in their 40s in Brisbane obsessed with laser tag. They compete in a high-stakes tournament where tensions and old grudges resurface.

Production title: “The Wrong Division”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Comedy

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: “The Wrong Division” follows a group of middle-aged men living in Brisbane, Australia, obsessed with laser tag. They regularly gather at a local laser tag arena where they compete against each other in intense high-stakes games.

The group prepare for a major tournament. The winners will have bragging rights for the year to come. However, their obsession with the game has taken over their lives and their families and careers are suffering. Their wives and partners have grown tired of their obsession, and their jobs are in jeopardy due to their frequent absences and lack of focus.

As the tournament approaches, tensions rise within the group and their individual obsessions begin to collide. They each have their own tactics and strategies, determined to come out on top. But when the tournament doesn’t go as planned,they’re forced to confront the reality of their laser tag obsession, and the toll it’s taken on their lives.

Logline: A group of middle-aged men re-live their youth through their obsession with laser tag entering a high-stakes tournament.

Tagline: You made the wrong decision and now you’re in the wrong division.

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