Them There Woods movie

Them There Woods

“Them There Woods” is a collection of short films showcasing what goes on in the forest outside of the public eye.

Production title: “Them There Woods”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama/Horror

Format: Feature film (compromised of short films)

Synopsis: The woods have always been a place of mystery and fear, hiding secrets that lurk just beyond our perception. This anthology of short horror/thriller films delves into the dark underbelly of the woods, exploring the twisted tales of those who dare to venture into the unknown.

From the tale of Lorne and Whitney, both wanting to end their lives alone in the same thought-to-be empty area of the woods, to Cormac Isaac taking his long-term girlfriend for a quiet forest based break-up, so that she can yell and curse him out in private.

There’s Orchid Benjamin’s kidnapping of Andreas “Dre” Fowler and attempted ransoming to his girlfriend for his safety, and Rhiannon Dameron’s desperate search to escape the woods as she’s chased by something unknown.

Of course, there’s also the camping trip that Bernice Morabito, Ram Kotowieki, and Wolf Blasio take in which they witness something sinister on their drive towards their selected campsite.

And finally, Josephine Watson alongside other plane crash survivors try to make sense of where they are, what happened, and these woods they’ve ended up in.

Each film offers a unique perspective on the horrors that can be found in the forests, showcasing the terrors that lurk beyond the tree line.

Logline: Six short horror/thriller films explore the dark secrets that lie within the woods, where the public eye doesn’t venture. From supernatural entities to human depravity, each tale delves deeper into the twisted and terrifying world that exists just beyond the trees.

Tagline: Stay out of them there woods.

Them There Woods

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