Tips for Auteurs

Everyone wants the credit, but not everyone wants to put in the work. That’s a matter of fact. Who wouldn’t want to do nothing and receive everything; praise, reverence, adoration… The auteur wouldn’t.

An Auteur is a term which views a type of filmmaker as the author of the picture due to his level of hands on involvement. It’s common for people like David Fincher, Pedro Almodovar, Quentin Tarrantino and Alejandro Innaritu to have this term used in referencing them, because by all accounts, they qualify under it. They will immerse themselves in every aspect of their film, so much so that it’s often extremely inspiring.

I’ve met many of these megalomaniacs and I’ve been that myself, needing to have your control over every aspect of a project. It’s not an easy task but it’s understandable. The problem is it’s nearly impossible unless it’s a one person piece, written, shot and directed by that same individual.

Auteurs have to realize that in order to become an auteur, you have to actually make some concessions.

Specific Tips For Auteurs

  • Don’t be precious
  • People band about this phrase continuously, but it’s something that makes perfect sense. Almost all writers and filmmakers get “precious,” or sensitive about their material. “Nope, can’t change that,” keeps being repeated. But why not? The only reasoned response to that is it’s VITAL to the story. Barring that, you should always be open to tweaking/improving your project. If it’s set in 2013, but you’re filming it in 2015 and there’s no relevance or connection to it being set that year. Don’t make a big deal of it. Unless you have the budgetary resources, fussing about the technology available in that year, the buildings that were or were not built etc. is a waste of resources.

  • Focus on getting the right crew
  • Simple enough concept, but most people don’t tackle this area thoroughly before going ahead and shooting. Try to get to know people in a work environment prior to getting involved in a project you’re passionate about. You will require their help, despite your knowledge. You will have to delegate in order to get the production moving along at a reasonable pace. So get more people involved, and help this project grow.

  • Cast the right people
  • This is vital. Actors aren’t all talented, consistent, and bearing a strong work ethic. Quite a few are lazy, believe that the task is easy and don’t recognize how not knowing their lines can ruin an entire day’s flow. Get talent, hard working and determined talent, and soar with the project. Rehearsing is also vital, and clearly communicate.

    Admittedly there’s a gamut of other subject matter that auteurs need to consider, but those are a few tips for auteurs that I thought would prove helpful. Or not. Your call. After all you are the egomaniac that’s making this picture.