Dream Sequence auditions

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    Dream Sequence auditions

    Dream Sequence

    PRODUCERS: Bola Omodara, Hugo Lunny

    DIRECTOR: Bola Omodara

    Casting Director(s): Bola Omodara, Hugo Lunny

    UNION STATUS: Non-Union


    AUDITION DATE: Oct 16th


    SHOOT / PERFORMANCE DATE: Oct 30th and 31st


    SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, October 15, 2021

    SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Please submit an audition tape for whichever character(s) you are auditioning for in addition to a headshot, and resume if you have one. State which role you are auditioning for in your email and a brief introduction if possible. (dreamsequence@brokenenglishfilms.com)

    Sides are located here

    PROJECT SYNOPSIS: Dream Sequence is a series of short films based on the question “What is reality?” Each short presents a different scenario based on this question. Diedre and Crystal are old friends that are meeting each other to catch up as the pandemic has separated them for a quite a bit of time. In the midst of their conversation we find out a lot more has changed between them than one could imagine.

    Additional Information & Safety Protocols:
    – Skeleton crew for shooting will be organized to keep personnel low.
    – Mask will be mandatory on set
    – Sanitation items will be provided.

    Casting the following characters:

    DIEDRE – 20-40’s – Female
    DESCRIPTION: A down to earth friend of Crystal who is just recently began meeting up again with old friends during the pandemic. She’s just gone through a messy breakup and for her meeting up with old familiar faces is like therapy.

    CRYSTAL – 20’s-40’s – Female
    DESCRIPTION: Crystal is a recently unemployed friend of Diedre that has gone down a strange internet rabbit hole lately. She starts out innocent enough but quickly turns for the worse as the night progresses.

    MAN – 20’s-30’s – Male
    DESCRIPTION: One half of a couple watching a tv show in their living room.

    WOMAN – 20’s-30’s
    DESCRIPTION: One half of a couple watching a tv show in their living room.

    AGE: Any
    GENDER: Open
    DESCRIPTION: Non speaking role of a barista that works at the coffee shop.

    ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS: A couple of extras for the coffee shop

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