Unearthing The Past film

Unearthing The Past

“Unearthing The Past” is a film about a popular new implantable product that controls a person’s every move and thought becoming the source of a deadly virus outbreak in Macedonia.

As the infected turn into computer-controlled zombies, a small group of survivors must fight to uncover the truth behind the outbreak and find a way to stop it.

Production title: “Unearthing The Past”

Writer/Director/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Science Fiction

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: In a future world where technology is even more integrated into our lives, a popular new product called “Viral Glass” becomes the catalyst for a deadly virus outbreak in Macedonia.

The product, similar to Google Glass, has been implanted with a cutting-edge chip that can control a person’s every move and thought. However, an unknown hacker has infiltrated the system, causing the chip to malfunction and spread a virus that turns people into mindless, controlled zombies.

A small group of survivors must fight to stay alive and find a way to stop the outbreak. Among them is a young woman named Ana, whose quick thinking and resourcefulness prove invaluable in the fight against the infected. But as the group delves deeper into the mystery of the virus and its origins they begin to uncover a shocking truth about the company behind Viral Glass.

The survivors race against time to find a cure and save humanity from total destruction, they must confront the dark side of our reliance on technology and the devastating consequences of its misuse.

Logline: A deadly virus outbreak caused by a popular product turns users into computer-controlled zombies.

Tagline: The future is here, but at what cost?

Unearthing The Past film

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Unearthing The Past movie