We Regret Nothing

We Regret Nothing

“We Regret Nothing” is a disturbing documentary about the Hammet cult, active in 2011.

Status: Filming

Production title: “We Regret Nothing”

Writer/Director/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Documentary

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: Influenced by tales of vampires and the fantasy world honed over decades, a self-isolated boy whose parents over indulged him becomes obsessed with the notion that humans can achieve eternal life, that he truly is a vampire and can lead a group of followers to that goal.

As an adult he enlists a casual partner and friends of hers to grow his following and slowly commit initially volunteering civilians to donate their blood and ultimately their bodies to achieve his sordid ambition.

Logline: A deranged loner convinces himself he’s a real vampire, creating a cult of murderers that consume human blood.

Tagline: Vampires don’t exist… Humans do.

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