What It Costs Us film

What It Costs Us

“What It Costs Us” is a film based in Lincoln Park, Chicago, about Shareef Johnson, a man wrongfully accused of murder at a point where his life felt like it was coming together.

Production title: “What It Costs Us”

Writer/Director/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: Shareef Johnson is a loner who has always struggled to connect with people. Just when he finally feels like his life is coming together, and he’s found some sense of belonging with his new girlfriend Audrey and her social circle, he’s accused of a murder he didn’t commit. Shareef was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, but the evidence against him is mounting and he finds himself facing the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison.

As Shareef fights to clear his name and prove his innocence, he must steer through a complex web of lies and deceit, all while struggling to hold onto the fragile relationships he’s built with Audrey and her friends.

He discovers surprising truths about himself and those around him, and ultimately learns that the key to his freedom may lie in confronting the painful truths of his past.

Logline: A loner has struggled to connect with others his entire life. Just as he finally starts to feel like things are turning around with the help of his new girlfriend, Audrey, he is suddenly accused of a brutal murder he didn’t commit.

Tagline: Wrong place, wrong time.

The Broken English Films production What It Costs Us

What It Costs Us is set in Chicago, Illinois

What It Costs Us independent film

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What It Costs Us film