The Considerate Ghost

The Considerate Ghost

“The Considerate Ghost” is a film based in Edinburgh about a woman moving into a haunted flat and understanding the spirit she’s now dealing with.

Production title: “The Considerate Ghost”

Writer/Producer: Hugo Lunny

Genre: Drama

Format: Feature film

Synopsis: In “The Considerate Ghost,” we follow the story of Emily, a young woman who moves into a new flat only to find that it’s haunted by a ghost named George.

However, unlike most ghosts, George isn’t a malevolent or mischievous spirit – instead, he’s incredibly considerate, doing his best to make Emily’s life easier and more comfortable.

At first, Emily is understandably disturbed by the idea of sharing her home with a ghost, but as she gets to know George better, she realizes that he’s actually a kind and compassionate being.

As time goes on, Emily and George develop an unlikely friendship, with George helping Emily out in small but meaningful ways – turning off lights that she’s forgotten to switch off, doing the dishes when she’s too tired to bother, and even leaving her little gifts and notes around the flat to brighten her day. Emily begins to look forward to George’s visits, and finds herself feeling comforted by his presence in her life.

But as much as Emily values her friendship with George, she also knows that he can’t stay with her forever – eventually, he’ll need to move on to the afterlife. When the time finally comes for George to leave, Emily is heartbroken, but also grateful for the time that they’ve spent together. She comes to realize that sometimes, the most unexpected friendships can be the ones that mean the most, and that even in death, George will always be a part of her life.

“The Considerate Ghost” is a heartwarming and bittersweet tale about the power of friendship and the importance of cherishing the moments that we have with the people (and ghosts) that we love.

Logline: When a woman moves into a new flat haunted by a considerate ghost, she must navigate the strange circumstances while learning about the true nature of the spirit.

Tagline: Sometimes, the scariest things can also be the most considerate.

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